Takamiya - Prox Real Method 6.3ft 80g Super Light Jigging Overhead Combo Deluxe

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SKULength of RodBearingsPiecesLine CapacityROD POWERPrice
Takamiya - Prox Real Method 6.3ft 80g Super Light Jigging Overhead Combo Deluxe (Left)
6.3 ft4BB+1RB2PE 3/200m, PE 4/150mLight$429.89
Out of stock
Takamiya - Prox Real Method 6.3ft 80g Super Light Jigging Overhead Combo Deluxe (Right)
6.3 ft4BB+1RB2PE 3/200m, PE 4/150mLight$429.89
Out of stock

Rod: Takamiya Real Method 6.3ft Superlight Jigging GRII Rod C63L
Reel: Prox Baltom J-Light Jigging Reel
Line: Toray Jigging PowerGame X8 PE#1 - 16lb | 300m
Leader: Toray Power Game Lure Leader Fluoro - 20lb | 30m

Takamiya Real Method 6.3ft Superlight Jigging GRII Rod C63L

A bait rod dedicated to super light jigging that aims at the target with a combination of a small metal jig and a thin PE line. Specializing in feeding with a fall, it has a delicate tip that enables natural jig operation, and a butt power that not only bends but also has a reservoir effect and can handle unexpectedly large sizes. After hanging the fish, the whole rod absorbs the pull of the fish and reduces the looseness. The guide uses an all-Fuji guide that reduces thread entanglement and supports a smooth jig fall. 

L action suitable for jigs up to 30-80g at a depth of 70m.

Prox Baltom J-Light Jigging Reel

  • Compact round bait reel model suitable for inshore light jigging.
  • A large round EVA knob that is easy to grip and an aluminum machine cut shift handle that secures a sufficient length enable powerful winding.
  • With a maximum drag force of 7 kg, it can be used not only for light jigging but also for sea bream mules.
  • You can choose the right-hand drive and the left-hand drive as you like.

Toray Jigging PowerGame X8 PE#1 - 16lb | 300m

‘TORAY’ Innovation by Chemistry

Renowned as a world leader in braided fishing line, Toray continue to produce desirable products across there range. The new Powergame Jigging PE X8 is suitable for all jigging applications and doubles as a quality casting line also. A huge range of breaking strains are available, and multi-coloured to assist in taking down your target.

Toray fishing line has long been associated in Japan as one of the best and most premium products on the Japanese domestic market. Toray's class leading technology allows them to produce the most advanced fishing lines using the newest and best materials available. Offering a huge variety of products there is sure to be a braid, fluorocarbon or monofilament line to suit every situation you can encounter. From super light braids and flurocarbon for bream and trout fishing. To purpose designed sinking braids for squid fishing, right up to heavy braids suitable for jigging and casting.

Power games series Unique eight-ply twisting process + special coating reduces high strength and low elongation, as well as resistance of winding up from jig fall. In addition to reducing the frictional resistance with surface resin coating, the jig falls smoothly by bringing it closer to a true circle. From slow style to high pitch, reduce the stress of guide friction. Adopted a new color pattern that thoroughly pursues visibility.

Toray Power Game Lure Leader Fluoro - 20lb | 30m

Thin compact spool adopted Excellent wear resistance! Abrasion resistance! The patented KI wear test technology is used. The "KI wear tester", which does not easily damage the thread, has square stainless steel rods evenly placed in eight places and rotated, and the thread is scraped off by the edge of the rod. We devised a device that damages the thread under certain conditions, and reproduces the tension between the damaged line and the fish. In the past, line evaluation due to root misalignment was generally performed by scraping the thread with an abrasive such as sandpaper and evaluating the time until it was worn out. However, at the actual fishing site, the wear resistance that can pull the fish out of the easily scratched obstacles is the most important. 


Model Gear Ratio Weight Line Retrieval Monoline capacity Max Drag Force Bearings
200H 6.1:1 275g - PE 3/200m, PE 4/150m 7kg 4BB+1RB
Model Length Lure/Jig Weight PE Max
C63L 6.3ft 30-80g 1.2
More Information
Brands Takamiya
Length of Rod 6.3 ft
Bearings 4BB+1RB
Pieces 2
Line Capacity PE 3/200m, PE 4/150m
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Parts of Overhead Reel (Parts varies based on model of reel)


Overhead Reel with complete setup


Press the spool with your thumb and turn the free spool lever to release line.


Swing to cast. Take your thumb off the spool so the line will be cast farther.


When your desired distance is reached, press the spool again with your thumb and turn the free spool lever to stop the line from casting.


Wait for the fish to bite and spin the lever to retrieve the line.

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