1. Fishing Tips for Beginners

    Fishing Tips for Beginners

    In this article we will explain important tips for all anglers need to know basic fishing guidelines for beginners.

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  2. Best Water Sports Activities You Can Do in UAE

    Best Water Sports Activities You Can Do in UAE

    We have prepared you a list of the most exciting Water sports activities you can do on the beach in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other UAE city.

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  3. Camping Spots in UAE

    Camping Spots in UAE

    Here we will introduce to you the best camping locations you will enjoy in your vaccations.

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  4. Essential Camping Gears List

    Essential Camping Gears List

    Enjoy camping trips with family or friends outdoor whether desert camping, RV camping, or beach camping with modern camping gear including, foldable camping chairs, dining tables, Sleeping Mats, Air Beds & Seats, Canopies & Umbrellas, sleeping bags, family camping tents from 2 person tents to 15 person tents, camping lights & lanterns, camping stove, camping bonfire, Water Bottles, Travel Mugs & Jugs, Foldable Trolleys, Picnic Bags, Storage Boxes, camps, and water coolers & ice coolers.

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  5. How To Choose The Right Fishing Line?

    How To Choose The Right Fishing Line?

    Fishing line is important and it plays a big role to catch the fish and bring them out of water. The type of line, length, strength is important to choose, as well as the right colors. For beginners who want to stick to high visibility colors such as white, yellow orange and low visibility colors such as green and bronze are great for inshore fishing as they will blend easily for muddy substrate. Red lines usually attract toothy fishes in top water but become less visible as they sink deeper, making it ideal for deep water fishing.

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  6. How To Choose The Right Fishing Lure?

    How To Choose The Right Fishing Lure?

    Lures (artificial baits) are hard baits from plastic, metal, or wood with realistic swimming motion created to catch the big fish such as King Fish, barracuda, yellowfin tuna, and more. We have soft baits made with plastic and rubber such as shrimp, squid, sardines, peeler crabs, minnows, worms, grubs, paddle tails and crustaceans available in different colors and sizes for all type of fishing and best for water conditions here in UAE and Middle east fish species.

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  7. How To Choose A Fishing Reel?

    How To Choose A Fishing Reel?

    To make sure that you are getting the most out of your fishing trips, it’s important to invest in a proper fishing reel, as it’s the most vital part of any fisherman’s fishing setup.

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  8. How To Choose A Fishing Rod?

    How To Choose A Fishing Rod?

    Fishing rods or Poles extend the angler’s reach and leverage for casting lures or bait and absorb the shock of a fish when it strikes. Fishing Rods are essential to casting and presenting the bait or lure to attract fish. Once a fish hits, the fishing rod is used to set the hook, play and land the fish. Typically, fishing rods also hold the fishing reel and guide the fishing line on and off the spool.

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  9. Top 10 Boat Equipment You Need On Your Boat

    Top 10 Boat Equipment You Need On Your Boat

    Marine Equipment for boats has multiple applications for all types of boats. Creating easy options for storing your gear, being seen and holding or charging your devices on board your power boat, sail boat, inflatable or Kayak. Hold everything from a fishing rod, mobile phone, dive bottle with RAILBLAZA accessories, or use the mounts to create customizable attachment points and storage systems on board your boat.

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