General (Account, Profile & Other Settings)

How do I create or register my account?

To create or register the account, please go to “My Account” on right top of the website and click on Sign in.

You can also login with your facebook id or Google id to the website

How do I change my password?

To change your password, go to “My Account” and click on Profile. Here you can update the Password and account information.

What if I forget my user name or password?

In case you forget your password, go to “My Account” then “Sign in” page and click on “Forget your password”.

Provide the registered email id and captcha to get your new password link on your email.

Why my mobile number is required?

Mobile number is required to send you order notification, schedule delivery and to confirm cash on delivery.

How can I change the language?

Marine Hub website available in two language English and Arabic which customer can select from button on top right corner of the website.

How can I change country option?

To change country, you need to navigate to the top right corner and click on the flag to see the list of countries. Select the appropriate country from the list and proceed.

Address (Billing and Delivery)

How to change the billing or delivery address?

To change the billing or delivery address, go to “My Account” and click on Profile. Navigate to “Address” and change your billing or delivery address.

Order (Placement, Refund & Exchange)

In how many days I will receive my order?

After successful placement of the order, it depend which shipping method you have selected on checkout. Usually it takes from 2 -14 days depend on your shipping Type.

How do I return and what is your return policy?

Return is allowed only if product is defected, incorrect, not similar as shown on website. Customer can send us email on support@emarinehub.com to process the return.

*Note: If product packaging is original and not damaged.

Check more about return policy here: https://www.emarinehub.com/en_uae/returns-exchanges

Will you exchange the product if its opened?

We don’t exchange product due to changing your mind, customer can exchange product if product is defected or incorrect which subject to approval.

How can I exchange my ordered product?

We don’t exchange product due to changing your mind, customer can exchange product if product is defected or incorrect. Only unopened product will be accepted for exchange which subject to approval.

Will you accept the return if its opened?

No, if package is open, return is not possible. We only accept opened product in return if that defected or not deliver as mentioned.

Can I cancel my order?

The Site will accept cancellation if the order has not been dispatched for delivery.

Shipment & Delivery

How the shipping works for my order?

After making successful order, you will be given an estimated time on checkout for delivery which will be carried on with the respective shipping company depending on your location.

Do you deliver to countries outside GCC?

Yes, we deliver to all over the world using Aramex and DHL. In GCC we ship using DHL, Aramex and SMSA

Can I track my order online?

Yes, you will be given a tracking id by SMS which will be used to track your order. You can get the tracking id from order details.

Track link : https://www.emarinehub.com/en_uae/trackingorder/

Do you have Free Delivery option?

Yes, but free delivery is only applicable on orders from UAE with cost AED 500 or more.

We offer some product free shipping internationally , the product showing free shipping icon on product pages are eligible for free delivery

How you will ship my fishing rods and poles?

At Marine Hub, we have specialized packaging that give strength to your package security while shipping.


Do you offer Cash on Delivery outside UAE?

Cash on Delivery is only available in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain with some additional fees

What are the payment methods you accept?

We accept credit card & debit card (visa, master), PayPal and cash on delivery.

Customer also can Buy now Pay in easy payment using Tamara and Postpay services.

How to use discount voucher?

To use the discount voucher (coupon), at checkout you will see an input box to write your coupon. Select the coupon code or you can type the coupon and apply it. Some coupon code works only with registered users, so log in with your registered email id or sign up. You need to make sure the coupon is not expired or inactive.

What to do if my discount voucher does not work?

If your discount voucher is not working, make sure the coupon is active and applicable to the category for which it is provided. Or sometimes you have login with a registered email id. Even then if you are facing a problem in applying discount voucher, contact our support team for help at suppport@emarinehub.com

How to change my payment information?

To change the payment information, go to “My Account” and click on “Profile”.

You can change your payment information from “Saved Payment Methods”

How to pay later in installments.

Customer can pay in 3 or 4 installments using services from Tamara or Tabby. Just choose the payment service on checkout and complete the verification process.

Click here: https://www.emarinehub.com/en_uae/buy-on-installments

Rewards Program

What are Reward Points?

MarineHub rewards points are value added program for its customers by providing reward points which are redeemable on every next order if the value of reward points is more than 1000. It gives a straight discount to the orders.

How do I earn Reward Points?

MarineHub offers reward points on performing actions such as purchasing products, creating account, newsletter signups, giving product reviews and referring friends to sign up. These reward points are redeemable in terms of product discount on next purchase.

You will earn reward points on every AED value you spend (same rule for other currencies).

How the Reward Points are distributed?

  • If a person completes an order, will get reward points of equal value of order cost spending. (E.g. 100 Rewards points will be earned for AED100 spending.)
  • If a person creates account, will get 10 reward points
  • If a person signs up for the newsletter, will get 10 reward points
  • If a person refers site URL to signup, will get 10 reward points
  • If a person gives reviews on the purchased product, will get 5 reward points.

When to redeem the Reward Points?

  • The only condition to redeem the reward points has minimum threshold of 1000 Reward Points.
  • If the reward points balance reaches to minimum of 1000 Reward Points, you are eligible to redeem the points on next of your purchase.
  • To redeem the Reward Points, an option is given on checkout page, in payment section, where you will adjust the reward points spending in return of discount on the total product order amount. Reward points are only applicable for the purchased product total, not applicable for other costs like shipping, cash on delivery, and duty/custom duty charges.

How much reward points are equivalent to currency value to avail the discount?

A Reward Point values AED0.05 while applying on the redemption. If you are redeeming 1000 reward points, it will give you straight AED50 discount on order value (Terms applies)

Reward points for refunded and cancelled products

For fully refunded or cancelled products, the reward points shall not be considered anymore.

Can anyone take cash in return of Reward Points?

Reward Points are non-transferable with cash, the redemption is only for order value (Terms applies) in terms of discount.

How to refer a friend for reward points?

To refer a friend, navigate to “My Referral”.

Here you have multiple options to refer site link to friends

  • Refer by sharing URL
  • Refer by sending invitation to friends via email (you can refer to multiple friends at once)
  • Refer by sharing the link through social media sharing options such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more.


How to track my reward points spending?

To view all reward points transactions such as earning and spending, navigate to “Transactions”.


*Note: Reward Point Redemption Term –

  • Shipping Charges, Cash on Delivery & Payment Transactional charges are non-redeemable through reward points.
  • Same rule as of AED is applicable for the other currencies.
    (1 reward point = 1 currency spending)