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With Tamara, get everything you want...when you want it! Shop and split your payments into 3 payments, interest-free and hassle-free.
Tamara is permitted by the Saudi Central Bank to test its innovative products under the Regulatory Sandbox.Tamara has also been certified as Shari’ah-compliant by the Shari’ah Review Bureau.

Split into 3 payments: Available for payments up to 3000SAR/ 3000AED and 242 KWD ( Minimum purchase must be 99AED, 99SAR and 8 KWD

Split into 3 payments: Available for payments Minimum 1500 SAR/ 1500 AED and 122 KWD and the Maximum Limit 3000SAR/ 3000AED and 242 KWD

What does
Tamara offer you?


Split your payments, interest-free

Experience worry-free shopping! Fill your cart and split your payments with Tamara, no fees and no interest.


Enjoy a secure, flexible payment plan

Get what you want, when you want it. With Tamara, get what you love & split your payments over the course of 2 or 5 months


Experience hassle-free refunds and returns

Never dread refunds and returns again! With Tamara, your refund and return experiences have never been more seamless.

How do I use

It’s simple - you’ll be there in 3 quick steps!

Check out via Tamara

Shop and split your payments in 3 with Tamara. It’s completely interest- and hassle-free!

Make your first payment

Log in with your mobile number, pay the fist payment of your order, and split the remaining amount over 3 months based on the option you selected.

And you’re done!

Enjoy your order! Download the Tamara app to keep track of your payment plans and explore our stores and offers.

Never miss a payment!

Manage your payment plan and keep track of upcoming payments through our website or by downloading our mobile app.

Questions you
might ask

Paying through Tamara

+ Is there a limit to how much I can spend on a single transaction using Tamara?
+ How does Tamara work?
+ Why was my order declined?
+ Having trouble paying with Tamara?

Repayment to Tamara

+ Can I make my payments before the due date?
+ Can I pay with a different card than the one I previously used while purchasing with Tamara?
+ How will I know when I need to pay my Tamara due amounts?
+ I’ve made my first payment. When will I receive my order?
+ Are there any late fees? What happens if I miss a payment?

Refunds and cancellations

+ What if I want to cancel/return my purchase?
+ If the payment for an order has been refunded at the merchant, how do I update the invoice for a refund on my Tamara account?

To Reach Tamara

We’re available to support you from 9 AM to 5 PM KSA time, 7 days a week!