Shimano Sahara FI Spinning Reel

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Do you want your line spooled on your reel?

The new Sahara is a powerful spinning reel with unparalleled durability at its price point. Incorporating X-Ship and HAGANE Gearing in its G-Free Body, and available in sizes from 1000 through 5000, it offers performance and value that will appeal to novice and experienced anglers alike.

The smooth power you need, at the price you want. Shimano Sahara FI Spinning Reel is simply a tremendous value, a hard-working reel that you can count on for unparalleled durability and performance. Proven technology includes Shimano's X-Ship pinion gear support system that ensures effortless handle rotation even under load, efficient G-Free body design, and premium Hagane cold-forged gearing for superior cranking power and long-lasting smooth winding. Graphite frame, rotor, and sideplate; rock-solid 5-bearing (4+1) system. This is the ideal reel for anglers of all skill levels.

The Shimano Sahara FI Spinning Reel features high-end technology that delivers power and performance at a good price point. This reel includes the Hagane gear to provide amazing durability, strength, and smoothness for many years of use. G-Free Technology heightens casting comfort and reduces fatigue by shifting the reel's center of gravity closer to the angler's hand position.

Sahara reels are capable of handling the heaviest of loads with X-Ship Technology that supports the pinion gear on both ends with bearings, eliminating any friction between the spool shaft and gear. This reel appeals to the novice and experienced anglers offering an enhanced and powerful experience.

G Free Body – The G Free body is a patented design direct from Shimano. This feature moves the center of gravity on the reel closer to the butt of the rod. The end result is less fatigue because it takes less work to hold the reel and crank on retrievals.

Hagane Gear – The Hagane gearing is a cold-forged 3D cutting technology that limits the amount of cutting necessary to machine the gears. Shimano is able to produce high quality and top-performing reels for affordable prices due to their systems, including this one.

X-Ship Technology – The X-Ship technology is one of my favorite features because the worst thing you can have is a reel that feels like it’s holding back. I know you know what I mean. Sometimes when you fish with a cheap reel, you feel like your getting friction on your casts, and you can almost hear it in the way the line fall off the spool.

With the X-Ship technology, you won’t have to worry about that problem. The design of the pinion gear and bearings keeps everything in perfect alignment. The end result is less friction, longer casting distance, and an overall smoother feel on the reel.

Graphite frame, rotor, and side plate – Quality and craftsmanship is at the center of everything they do at Shimano. We love this company simply because we think they build good reels from their cheapest to the most expensive. With the Shimano Sahara FI, you get graphite all around, which reduces flexing and offers durability and strength.

  • Smooth power at a great price
  • Unparalleled durability and performance
  • X-Ship pinion gear support system
  • Premium Hagane cold-forged gearing
  • Graphite frame, rotor, and sideplate
  • 5-bearing (4+1) system
Model Gear Ratio Weight Line Retrieval Monoline capacity Max Drag Force Bearings
SH1000 5.0:1 215g 66cm 2lb/246m, 4lb/128m, 6lb/100m 3kg 4BB+1RB
SH2500 5.0:1 250g 73cm 6lb/182m, 8lb/128m, 10lb/110m 9kg 4BB+1RB
SHC3000HG 6.2:1 250g 91cm 6lb/210m, 8lb/155m, 10lb/128m 9kg 4BB+1RB
SH4000XG 6.2:1 295g 99cm 8lb/220m, 10lb/182m, 12lb/146m 11kg 4BB+1RB
SHC5000XG 6.2:1 300g 104cm 10lb/220m, 12lb/178m, 14lb/150m 11kg 4BB+1RB
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Weight 0.500000 kg
Brands Shimano
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 Parts of Spinning Reel (Parts varies based on model of reel)

Spinning Reel with complete setup

Open the Reel Bail so the line will be loose.

Lock the line tight with your index finger.

Swing to Cast. When your index finger feels the line tension, release your hold with index finger.

Wait for the fish to bite and spin the lever to retrieve the line.

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